Use Dynamics CRM To Focus On The Hot Leads While The Cool Ones Simmer

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Every lead is different and not all will result in a quick sale.  Your sales team can probably tell when a prospect is ready to make a purchase while others aren’t quite ready to make a decision.  Manage these different types of leads with greater efficiency, keep the attention of new prospects, and get to know customers better by deploying a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Lead scoring can be a valuable part of the sales process.  With a powerful CRM solution, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can capitalize on years of data to predict customer behavior and focus on the right leads at the right time.  Download this eBook, “10 Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM Will Keep Your Sales Team Focused On What’s Important,” to see how you can streamline the entire sales process, including scoring leads, with today’s more powerful CRM technology.

Your sales representatives have been around the block. They can tell when they’ve reached the right decision-maker and when that prospect is ready to buy.  Similarly, they are aware that not every prospect is ready to make a decision right away and another tactic is necessary for nurturing that lead a little longer.  Putting this insight and practice into a consistent, automated process is possible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

You can utilize existing, internal data combined with insight gleaned from online and social media sources to connect with prospects.  Tap into online resources to listen to what prospects are saying about your products or services and respond to questions as needed.  Your marketing team can deliver personalized materials, information, and promotional offers to the prospects that are ‘on the fence’ and monitor their responses.  As soon as there is an indication that a prospect is ready, a sales representative can be alerted to contact the prospect.  Armed with a complete record of interactions, the sales representative can communicate accurately to address the prospect’s needs and concerns and close the sale.

Continuing to capture these interactions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can identify trends and patterns that can indicate prospect and customer preferences, which can open the doors to new opportunities.  Download our eBook and contact AbleBridge for more information about lead scoring and boosting sales with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

By AbleBridge, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner out of Massachusetts

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