Defining Marketing ROI in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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A key component of successful marketing is measuring the results of your marketing activities and the revenue they ultimately generate for the organization. Since marketing is not directly involved in the sales process, it is incumbent upon the sales staff to gather information about the origin of the lead.  Communication between the sales and marketing departments regarding campaigns and opportunities is crucial to the success of the company’s marketing efforts and sales results.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to define your marketing ROI by connecting marketing campaigns to opportunities.

When a sales person enters an opportunity into Microsoft CRM, he or she will be asked to enter the Source Campaign for the opportunity.  The marketing staff will be responsible for generating the Source Campaigns in CRM from which the sales team will select.


As opportunities are won or lost, they are still connected to the campaign, allowing marketing to view in Microsoft Dynamics CRM which campaigns were the most successful.  The company can generate a dashboard in CRM of won opportunities by campaign versus campaign budget to find their ROI.  Many of our clients make the source campaign a required field on all opportunities and leads so that every revenue dollar is connected to their marketing campaigns. 


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