CRM's Fantasy Sales Team Improves Sales

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Just because football season has come to a close, that doesn't mean you can't keep your fantasy team up and running! With Microsoft Dynamics CRM's new Fantasy Sales Team's competition module, managers can keep their sales teams motivated like never before! Sure, we're all used to sales incentive programs and contests within our organizations, but rather than only reward the same top selling performers, CRM's Fantasy platform makes it easy to keep everyone motivated and involved.

Users have the ability to "draft" teams within their organization and collaborate with their team members to compete within their chosen "sport". Anyone can see the results, making participants even more inspired to drive your company toward success. This new CRM feature eliminates the me first, cut throat mentality that many salespeople have in competitions because you have to work with your team! That way, everyone benefits and even the weaker members can still feel useful. Games can last as short as one week or as long as one year, and because this platform is entirely team driven, sales people won’t lose motivation if they start to fall behind the usual leaders. Microsoft gives real time feedback to support productivity. If something isn't working, team members will be able to make adjustments instantly to guide them to their goal. Here are some of the features that Microsoft CRM's Fantasy Sales Team offers:

  • Include everyone in the fantasy draft - Don't just limit the fun to your sales reps!
  • Assign point values to common tasks in and out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Create Prizes for multiple outcomes
  • Track results on interactive leaderboards all around the office - Celebratory firework videos included
  • Schedule automated emails with your team's results embedded
  • Produce performance data charts/graphs for the team or individual


Microsoft Dynamics CRM's Fantasy Sales Team has been proven to produce results when and where you need it.  For more information on Microsoft CRM and how your company can benefit from this software, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Microsoft CRM partner for a consultation.

by Logan Consulting

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