CRM 2016 “Word Templates” > Email as PDF Attachment with Workflow

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With Dynamics PDF-Docs CRM add on (download trial – click here) users can create a CRM Workflow to PDF CRM 2016 Word Template as an attachment to an Email.

The Workflow has 3 steps:

Step 1: Create email and enter the From, To, Subject and body of Email.

Step 2: there is a new workflow step available in CRM 2016 called “Perform Action”. Select Entity as None (Global). In set properties select the Template to be used while the Target field is the Entity for the selected template.

Step 3: select Dynamics PDF>Add Word Template. In this view select again the Word Template. Select if the attachment is Word or PDF file, and using the lookup field, point to the Email created in step 1 above.

Note: This workflow example is included in Dynamics PDF-Docs solution and can be downloaded here.

Images for each of the above workflow steps:


Docs-PDF WF1


Docs-PDF WF2

Docs-PDF WF3

Docs-PDF WF4

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  1. Followed the instructions on the website and here but the plugin never worked and generated exceptions, did you actually try the steps and manage to get this working?

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