Control Valve Distributor Coordinates Sales and Service - 17 Amazing Customer Experiences With Dynamics CRM

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Relationships with customers are rarely confined to one department or business unit in an organization. To provide great service, all employees need to have a unified, continuous view of customer interactions.

The challenge

A distributor of industrial control valves provides installation and maintenance for the products they sell. Four different departments, including sales and customer service plus two service delivery groups interfaced with each customer. With no centralized customer management system, each department was blind to what the others were doing.

Customers were frustrated having to explain the same problem over and over. Sales people hoped that they weren’t making a sales call to an account that had an outstanding service request.

The solution

Now that the company uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, everyone is on the same page. Integration with Office 365 means that employees can see every email, appointment and task for an account through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Using Skype for Business, sales and service teams can coordinate in real time to ensure that the delivery team goes on the customer site with full knowledge of the situation.

How customers are amazed

When the service technician comes on site ready to tackle the problem with the right tools and parts, customers can get back to work in no time.

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