What Can You Do with MS Dynamics CRM on Your Phone & Tablet? That's the Question!

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Every day, we are approached with the question: “So, what can the app do?” (referring to Resco’s mobile CRM client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM)

And it’s hard for us to spill the answer in one breath – there’s just so much to talk about. It’s not a question of 2-3 benefits, there are hundreds of them!

Therefore, we decided to put it all on paper (the electronic one) and put it out there – to intrigue and to educate. Behold, the result is this eBook:

100+ Amazing things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
on your phone and tablet

Whether you are new to Mobile CRM, or you have already adopted it, this book will help you find out more about this topic. Either way, hopefully, while browsing through this book, you’ll stop and say: “Wow, I didn’t know we could do that! How cool is that?” And that’s exactly what we wanted to accomplish.

We avoided, or tried to avoid, technical terms that only a small portion of the CRM community understands. Why? Because we think CEOs, Sales Directors, Field Managers, Account Executives and Marketing Specialists should also be able to see the business opportunities Mobile CRM has to offer.

That being said, we are not excluding technical folks out there. They’ll be able to go through this book and while reading things like “Find contacts on LinkedIn”, their minds might immediately translate the title to “pass field parameters in a URL”.

What's this eBook about?

When writing it, we had these goals in mind:

  1. We want to show people how cool a mobile CRM client really can be
  2. We want to provide a list of things you can get inspired by
  3. We wanted to provide you with a complete resource of things you can do with a CRM on your phone or tablet


Who is this book for?

This book was written for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ecosystem. Namely:

  • Everyone looking for a mobile client for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Existing Resco Mobile CRM customers and partners
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants who want to extend their knowledge in area of mobility


Get your copy of the eBook

100+ Amazing things you can do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM on your phone and tablet

Download the free eBook at http://www.resco.net/forms/100-amazing-things-Microsoft-Dynamics-CRM-on-phone-and-tablet.aspx


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You can always reach out to us at mobilecrm@resco.net or via www.resco.net if you have any questions about MS Dynamics CRM mobility.

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