7 Questions New Clients Always Ask About Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Evaluating a new CRM package, and a new CRM partner, is an important project. In my experience, customers I speak with almost always ask some or all of these seven questions:

  1. What does Microsoft Dynamics CRM require to run?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM currently runs on Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server; you can choose to run the application on your premises or subscribe to a hosted solution where a Microsoft Partner or Microsoft hosts your solution for you.

  1. What is a better deployment model, hosted or on-premise?

It all depends on your specific needs. On-premise is less expensive over the long term but it requires that you have the IT infrastructure in place to house the application on-site. Hosted requires less of an up-front cost and limited IT infrastructure support but can be expensive over time. CRM Deployment Options.

  1. What support options are available to me?

If you purchase Software Assurance you are entitled to online tutorials, 24-hour web based support from Microsoft and support incidents for direct calls with Microsoft Technical Support. The Microsoft Partner and user community is vast and there are a number of free blogs and newsgroups focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. AbleBridge provides support to all of our customers and it’s one of the reasons we’ve been successful, because our clients are successful and supported.

  1. What will it cost me to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Software licenses, training and installation costs are fairly simple to figure out. The big unknowns are the specific business and functional requirements you require to have translated into the system. Our process sets expectations upfront and every step of the way; and is applied to every engagement and never waivers - no matter the size or scope of the project. The majority of our projects, from discovery through final training fall between 40 – 150 hours. Some projects are less, some are more, but we make sure you know that upfront and throughout the process. At AbleBridge we provide fixed bid proposals, so there are no surprises.

  1. How long will it take me to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

We need to define your requirements first, but after that, we provide the actual timeline and cost for the overall project implementation. If the requirements are limited in scope, including minor data migration requirements, we could have you up and running in a couple of days.

  1. Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM easy for us to customize?

Yes. But you ultimately need to define ‘easy’. It ships with rich ‘out of the box’ customization capabilities that allow for drag and drop form configurations, point and click field definitions, powerful workflow automation and flexible role based security. At AbleBridge, we prefer to empower our customers through proper training and guidance to become self-sufficient, and take ownership of their solution.

  1. If we take on the customizations, can AbleBridge still help us with our more complex requirements?

We liken Microsoft Dynamics CRM to a big ball of clay. We work with it day in and day out. The application platform Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built upon provides developers with the basic services required to mold the solution in many different way. We build and automate 3rd party system integrations, develop outside business applications integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, design rich web portals and create custom dashboard solutions. AbleBridge’s value typically falls outside the scope of our customers' comfort zones and the out of the box configuration capabilities. Customization & Development Services.

If you are interested in evaluating Microsoft Dynamics CRM, from AbleBridge, contact us at 877-600-2253 or info@ablebridge.com. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

By AbleBridge, Massachusetts based Microsoft Dynamics CRM Gold Partner, www.ablebridge.com



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