4 Ways Microsoft CRM Improves Sales Operations

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When it comes to your sales team, Microsoft Excel isn't just a helpful tool, it's a way of life. The world of sales is as data-heavy as it gets, and experts need to be able to view, edit and analyze data in order to reach success. With past versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, exporting documents into CRM or accessing data on the go has been a little tricky for those trying to maximize their resources. Microsoft realized this, and with the release of Microsoft CRM 2016, your sales team has more flexible and reliable Excel capabilities than ever before!

  • Familiar Templates on the go: Do you find yourself going back to the same Excel formats again and again? With Microsoft CRM 2016 users will have the ability to create personalized templates to save time and effort rather than reformat everything each time you need to export something into CRM. Uploading and sharing data has never been so easy!
  • CRM Online Analysis: Microsoft has given salespeople the capability to conduct excel analysis directly in Microsoft CRM Online2 to help boost productivity to new levels. Calculate commissions, manage sales forecasts, perform what if analysis and much more, all within one easy to use platform. Gone are the tedious minutes spent toggling between applications to complete a simple business process.
  • Offline Mobile Capability: We've all been there, frustratingly trying to load a webpage or document with spotty service. Watching the loading icon spin over and over until we're ready to throw our mobile devices across the room in defeat, but have no fear! Offline capabilities are here to save the day! Working on the go has never been easier. With the help of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, tablets and smartphones will now have full offline mobile capabilities as well as Dynamics CRM online through mobile apps. Edit, delete and create on the go without the frustration and with automatic playback of offline actions, you'll be able to sync all of your local changes within CRM.

For more information on how to better utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your workplace or if you think it may be time to upgrade, check out our free white paper "24 Wildly Creative Ways to Use Microsoft CRM" or contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Partners for a quote or consultation.

by Logan Consulting

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