Recurring Invoices / Subscription Invoicing System

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If you offer clients periodical services or subscription-based products, you need to invoice them, usually once a month or within agreed billing cycle. Dynamics Workflows version 5 provides a flexible system to create recurring invoices based on Invoice Templates, Invoice Line Items Templates and workflows to automatically generate invoices every billing cycle and for the exact number of invoices required in a billing period.

Each Invoice template is linked to many Invoice Line Items Templates which stores the invoice’s Products and Write-in Products. Each template has a billing cycle, date of first invoice and how many invoices to generate. The workflow has a Wait condition till next billing date, and a plug-in workflow is responsible to generate new invoices. The next billing date is then updated and the workflow triggers new instance for the next billing cycle


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Applying Templates to Other Accounts

Clients (accounts) can be grouped into Invoice Templates, if they have same billing cycles, same invoice line items and same prices. To simplify the process of preparing many invoice templates, the button Copy Template will automate the following tasks:

  1. Open the invoice template you wish to replicate.
  2. Click: Copy Template button on toolbar
  3. Add the accounts you wish to apply this Invoice Template
  4. Select the Next Billing Date and Number of Billing Cycles
  5. Select to automatically start the workflow for all new templates
  6. Submit

This function will create copies of Invoice templates with their corresponding Invoice Line Items Templates and start the selected workflow automatically.


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