How a Not-For-Profit Organization Has Optimized Their Processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Action main-d’oeuvre, a non-profit organization with their mission to assist in the integration of people with special needs into the workforce, was looking for a more efficient way to manage operations other than through paper documents, Word files and Excel spreadsheets.

Their problem was that the information on participants, staff members and partners was not linked together, which made creating reports a long and manual process. There was also the addition of a second center on the other side of the city, which made it more difficult to only have paper documents regarding their participants.

Action main-d’oeuvre’s vision was to:

  • Consolidate all details regarding their participants in the program
  • Track their current and past activities
  • Have a more efficient process to compile information for various reports

In addition to these three goals, they needed a system that was not too costly, did not have too many infrastructure needs and  that would be easy for them to adapt to and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online met all of these requirements.

By implementing the core modules in Dynamics CRM as well as a couple of custom entities for their specific business needs, Action main-d’oeuvre was able to benefit from:

  • A greater level of autonomy for their users
  • An increase in speed of their response times with their participants and partners
  • A significant reduction in the number of Excel files and Word documents
  • A noticeable increase in the speed at which they were able to produce reports
  • As a bonus, they noticed a substantial decrease in their paper usage

Action main-d'oeuvre has been able to move all of its operations over to the Dynamics CRM system. Through several training sessions and encouraging their staff members to use the system, it has become a reflex across the entire organization to enter everything into the CRM. Action main-d'oeuvre is proud to say that they have been able to successfully make the shift from "an outdated paper culture to being up to date with the latest technologies".

After being on the system for less than a year, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has met their initial internal needs and they have made great progress in getting everyone ramped up on the system. The team feels that the system has really helped them structure their organization and optimize their services, not only for the participants, but their various partners as well.

What the staff appreciates the most is the ease with which they were able to switch systems. They are convinced that they found a solution that is a perfect fit for their organization and that has been adapted to their specific needs and activities.

Action main-d’oeuvre attributes the key success factors for this implementation to:

  • Doing your homework to have a better understanding of what you really need
  • Have a clear vision of what you want and build a plan
  • Make realistic timelines for you and your team
  • Take the time to learn the system

By making the staff feel at ease with the idea that this was a learning process and that it was normal to take more time in the beginning to adapt, this made the users feel more comfortable about the changes, which ultimately led to the success of the implementation.

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By JOVACO Solutions, a full-service reseller of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Quebec

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