Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce: How Important is Analytics?

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250X250If analytics are important in guiding your business strategy, it’s critical that you understand the limitations that imposes on the export of data to Excel. Based on a proprietary platform,’s database architecture restricts the ability to search and export data without expert assistance.

Not only are the dashboards and reporting within Microsoft Dynamics CRM flexible and easy-to-use, the ability to connect directly to Power BI for sales and marketing is a must-have for organizations that want to combine the power of their data for predictive analytics.

With Power BI, you can integrate data from all sources and turn it into rich information that can predict what your customers will buy, spot trends in buying patterns and match data from outside sources for even bigger insights. The future of business strategy lies with data consolidation and analysis.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Inline analytics
  • Easy one-click drill down with inherited access and security

  • No inline analytics
  • Drill down from static image takes 7 to 15 clicks.


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