Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce: Can You Keep Salespeople Focused?

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250X250A recent study found that the typical sales person spends as little as 22% of their time actually selling. Imagine the sales results you could get if you cut back on the administrative distractions and focus your sales team on meeting their sales goals.

With, sales people have to flip between apps and the social experience, Chatter. (In addition to having a separate license.) Without an Outlook plug-in, they need to leave just to send an email.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales people can spend their entire day in the application, even if they are on the road. Outlook, Lync, Skype, and Yammer for social collaboration are all part of the Dynamics CRM experience. For productivity, the centralized user experience changes the game.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Mobile apps across devices with offline access to recently viewed records at no additional charge. Social for everyone included in user price. Users can’t manage opportunities and leads in Outlook. No access to opportunities, cases, or contracts from Chatter.

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If you are interested in comparing the value and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM versus Salesforce for your organization contact AbleBridge at or 877-600-2253.

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