Dynamics CRM Performance: Nothing is Gained by Running

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A CRM project is a strategic initiative whose many impacts will benefit the entire organization.

Sales performance

An analysis by Mark Ellwood, from Pace Productivity, reveals that sales professionals generally spend less than a quarter of their time on their sales activities since they are too busy with administrative tasks, meetings, order processing and other activities. A CRM strategy supporting the sales process could benefit a sales force by automating some tasks, simplifying the qualification process and automatically calculating forecasts.

Implementing a CRM solution is no guarantee of successful sales, but it gives sales professionals the chance to spend more time on “money-making” activities for the organization. Of course, any mention of CRM investments clearly involves talking about the return on that investment (ROI).

The CRM solution will obviously have to meet your needs, so choosing the firm that will provide consulting services related to the implementation of your CRM processes, strategies and solutions is a crucial step in your project’s success.

The implementation team must be competent, deliver the expected value and demonstrate sensitivity to your company’s culture and issues. It must include at the same time experienced consultants, dynamic recruits, specialists from a variety of disciplines, and attentive managers.

With the backing of such a team, you will be better able to avoid the various pitfalls encountered as the project progresses. One of them is certainly resistance to change, an inherent human response, not to mention overly high ambitions and excessively tight deadlines.

A few words of advice from the Gestisoft team: use a step-by-step approach, plan, adapt and publicize the implementation of new functions. And, don’t forget, a CRM solution will generate numerous benefits for your entire organization!

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