4 New Ways to Use CRM in The New Year

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By now we've all heard the hype around CRM systems and all of their convenient new features. However, before you write yourself off as a CRM expert, lets take a look at some of the more innovative ways that your organization can use Microsoft CRM in the New Year.


Follow the Paper Trail: Ask just about anyone, and they would all agree that paper documents can be frustrating. When they aren't piling up on the corner of your desk, they're being misplaced in the most unlikely of places. Rather than wasting valuable company time playing detective and organizing these documents, try using Microsoft CRM to streamline your workflow. All of your once mismatched papers are able to be time stamped and tracked to measure productivity while every step is automatically generated to guide progress.

Wow a Prospect: Lets make 2016 a year of organization, and with CRM you'll never lose track of hot sales leads again! With Microsoft CRM, you can schedule a task assignment for a potential customer follow up with the touch of a button, impressing clients and relieving stress in one simple step.

Maximize Your Utilities: As an organization expands, it's easy for documents and data to lose value by being spread across different platforms and departments. Rather than forget about hard to access information, CRM allows you to save time and unify several different departments into a single database so you can have centralized access to all the information you need.

Find your BFFs (Best Friend of the Firm): With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the once tedious process of tracking and entering referral sources is made easy by automatically entering the source when a client is enrolled. This makes marketing's job of focusing attention on your firms BFFs simple, and allows for more expansion in your referral partner base.


Microsoft CRM is an extremely versatile program with lots of opportunities to implement more effective ways to streamline your company. For more information on Microsoft CRM, contact Logan Consulting your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner.

by Logan Consulting

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