3 Business Challenges To Conquer in 2016

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Happy New Year from xRM³! The end of one year and beginning of another seems to be the natural time to evaluate. Whether you are evaluating personal goals or business driven objectives, honest reflection can be critical to the next year's success. Here are 3 business challenges Dynamics CRM can help you conquer in 2016.

1. Your team struggles with daily business objectives due to outdated systems and processes.

This is much more common that you think and may be prevalent in your company without you knowing it. Business systems like ERP and CRM that are more than 2 years past their go-live date are struggling with old processes and data. Unless you and your team have been proactively managing those processes and the data that drives them, they have decayed. Without proactive effort and the expertise to properly maintain your systems, the extent of decay significantly impacts your ability to deliver on sales and customer satisfaction goals.

2. Your market has shifted which makes it hard for you and your team to keep up with the changes because you don't have a current CRM system in place.

Older legacy CRM-type systems like ACT, Goldmine, Saleslogix, etc. are not adequate for today's rapidly changing business needs. If you haven't moved at least some of your business systems (Email, document storage, CRM) to the cloud, you aren't leveraging the massive investment companies like Microsoft have made in cloud-based CRM infrastructure. Small, mid-size, and even large enterprises can save money and improve operations by taking advantage of the cloud. The ROI is pretty easy to calculate when you move an old, tired legacy system to a platform like Dynamics CRM Online.

3. Your employees are spending too much time on non-core tasks.

How deeply is your company managing business tasks that aren't a part of your core business? Take a look around, what non-core daily tasks are assigned to various team members comped on core objectives? How much do you spend on those tasks and are they value added to your business core objectives? You will be surprised at the result when you answer that question honestly. Essential business systems need expert, dedicated administrators - this is true from your email system to your CRM platform and to your ERP package. You wouldn't expect your bookkeeper to step in and close big sales deals, why expect your sales team to manage your CRM system? How aligned and focused are your IT folks in your core business objectives? Sales, Marketing or Customer Service - are they focused on your prospects and customers instead of managing other system related tasks?

The team at xRM³ understands the challenges that businesses trying to compete and grow in today's market face every day. We are here to provide value-driven solutions with current technology and best practices. Whether you are a not-for-profit organization, a company selling widgets or services, or a large manufacturing organization, we have people and solutions for you.

We work with you to identify those key business processes that are critical to your growth and build them into a relevant and value driven implementation that leads to success. As a certified Microsoft Partner, we focus on cloud solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide you with the value of the cloud.

Once we get you to that GO-LIVE benchmark, the effort doesn't stop. With our CRM AdminAssist plan acting as a wellness plan for your CRM users and the processes they use, your system and users will continue to grow and thrive. Relevancy delivered for a fixed monthly fee. All this allows your team to focus on your core business objectives more efficiently.

New Year's resolutions? No. Let's get together for some New Year's implementation success that delivers ROI.

Contact us today to start your New Years journey.

By Ken Farmer, President and Principal Consultant at xRM³, a Southern California Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner specializing in service, support and education for Dynamics CRM. xRM³ helps businesses attract, acquire and maintain happy, profitable clients. We’ve done it successfully for over ten years.

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