What is the First Application You Open to Start Your Work Day?

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Ok, Facebook doesn’t count here. Most people when asked will tell you that the first application they open is email. Besides being our vehicle for keeping in touch, updated and informed on a personal level, email in the workplace is also a powerful tool. When we surveyed over 150 people via our Linkedin page, particularly project managers, an overwhelming majority (93 percent!) told us that the first place they log in is their email, even if it’s just to quickly check what’s new.

Email has become such an important tool for doing business that many keep it open all day and check it frequently. Not only that, email is a tool that even “non-techie” workers have embraced. For that reason, IPM’s Project Management tool is housed within Microsoft Outlook so that when you check your email you are automatically logging in to your project management software as well. It resides handily at the side of your Outlook screen, without having to continually open and close the two applications. All your jobs, RFIs, RFQs, contracts and other project information are in folders that are right there, visible.

The benefit of this should be apparent: when you log in to your email (as 93 percent of you do first thing every work day) you will also see any project updates and newly added, amended or updated documents. Certainly, providing the Project Management application within Microsoft Outlook will ensure a higher level of user adoption of the solution and a gentler learning curve as it works along with your familiar processes.

IPM Project Management is a scalable and fully integrated Project Management software tool built for businesses within the construction, engineering and project based industries.

For more information about how IPM project management fits within Microsoft Outlook, please feel free to contact IPM Global.

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