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Are you thinking of making the switch to Dynamics CRM in 2016?  For many organisations taking the next step to a new CRM solution can revolutionize it, helping it to become more efficient, joined up and ultimately drive sales.  But when do you know it's time to invest in a new CRM solution, and move away from an old one?

Our new ebook can help you decide if making the switch to Dynamics CRM is right for you, however let's start with the fundamental questions:

  • Do you find yourself working "around" your current CRM solution?  Think about why that would be.  Is it due to its usability?  Perhaps it's down to it not being intuitive enough to handle complex processes or maybe it's down to the data?  Sometimes it's worthwhile spending time on the CRM you are using and getting it right, but perhaps it's time to move to something new.

Ask yourself:

Do you find that your business is spending too long searching for data, lost emails, notes or documents?

Has a customer called to place an order for a quote you cannot find?

Are you finding yourself sending marketing materials meant for new leads to existing customers?

Embarrassing huh?

Dynamics CRM can be the answer.  As well as being an award winning solution Dynamics CRM can help you win more business and work in a more unified way.  It's a multi-relationship CRM solution that will grow with your business and can manage complex processes, simplifying them and empowering your team.


So if you are looking to make the switch to Dynamics CRM in 2016, take a look at our free ebook which will guide you through the questions and will provide answers.


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