Release of Inventory Module Rivals Star Wars: Episode VII Debut

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As much of the world awaits the highly anticipated release of the latest Star Wars movie, in a galaxy far, far away, the Rockton Connect team has been working on a masterpiece of their own. Set to hit the computer screen in late December, the new Rockton Connect Inventory Module comes complete with all the bells and whistles sure to satisfy small business owners and operators.


Inventory Managers won’t be able to look away as the new module opens their eyes to an expanded inventory world, full of enhanced tracking and flexible options designed to meet their specific needs. And now, in a Rockton Software exclusive, we’re giving you a behind the scenes, sneak peek at the top five features of the new Inventory Module!


#5 – LIFO & FIFO Methods

The Rockton Connect Inventory Module supports both LIFO and FIFO methods, both of which are very typical inventory practices. However, basic accounting systems generally only allow one way, whereas Rockton Connect features both—allowing you to choose by item which is best for your industry.


#4 – Kits, Serial, and Lot Tracking

No matter what you’re tracking, Rockton Connect’s Inventory Module has you covered. Kits allow you to bundle a group of items when selling, while tracking inventory per component. Serial tracking is tracking individual items such as vehicles, guns, appliances, etc. Lot tracking is typically used in manufacturing: rolls of carpet, tile or paint.


#3 – Multiple Sites

Rockton Connect’s Inventory Module supports multiple sites, meaning you can have multiple warehouses or company vehicles. By having multiple sites available, you can easily track inventory and account for it in different locations for different forms of accounting, whatever your business may need.


#2 – Stock Count and Variance Tracking

Most companies that track inventory have a need for stock counts, which is why we allow for stock counts and the tracking of variances. It’s very important in an inventory system to track a variance to the stock count versus assigning inventory to damaged, returned or some other “fake” number. With Rockton Connect, you are able to track variances themselves, so you can monitor shrinkage and overage as it occurs throughout your inventory cycles.


#1 – Detailed Inventory Log

The Inventory Module includes a detail log for every inventory transaction. No matter where inventory moves, from here to there, from allocation to fulfillment, we account for all transactions, every step of the way. We create a historical log that shows exactly how you ended up at your numbers, so there’s never any mystery.


So there you have it, a preview of the top 5 features of the Rockton Connect Inventory Module. The developers of this module focused on covering the basics of inventory and some advanced features to ensure that all business needs were met. While Lucas Films declined to comment on the threat of Rockton Connect’s Inventory Module release stealing the show, even the Empire and Rebel Alliance would agree that this module is truly out of this world.


Coming soon to a screen near you, don’t miss the release of the Inventory Module, contact to our team at to reserve your seat at the premier.


Written By Elise Rooney, Marketing Assistant at Rockton Software, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-On Provider.

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