New Release: 17 Amazing Customer Experiences with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

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White Paper cover smallToday’s business is all about building customer loyalty in the face of fierce competition. That requires a new approach and set of skills and, of course, the right tools. If you think that cutting edge customer management tools are only for the large enterprise corporations, you will be thrilled to know that you can have them at your fingertips with the very affordable, very versatile Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

To help you visualize your own potential, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and skills you use every day, we have published a white paper: 17 Amazing Customer Experiences Businesses Deliver Today with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Whether you are in manufacturing, distribution, health care, financial services, professional services, non profit or a host of other businesses, our panel of CRM experts has provided actual user experiences illustrating how Microsoft Dynamics Online can benefit your business by helping you build customer loyalty.

You’ll read about the telephone and broadband provider who was using multiple systems to manage support calls. The process was slow, work orders were often lost and customers were not happy. See how customers are rebuilding their confidence in the company now that service calls are dealt with promptly and effectively with just one call.

You’ll also learn how a medical device manufacturer overcomes the complexities of health insurance coverage and is able to respond to customer requests quickly and provide support service beyond the sale.

Or what about the coffee processor and distributor who can be reached by customers directly through phone, email, online or chat and have all of the customer’s data and history at their fingertips to ensure that response is fast and accurate.

These and 14 other real life experiences are presented in the white paper. Why not use them to see the endless possibilities for your business?

Download the white paper: 17 Amazing Customer Experiences Businesses Deliver Today with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online at 

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