What You Must Know BEFORE Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation?

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No matter how brilliant something is, it cannot work to full potential if operated inaccurately or within the wrong hands. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a prime example of this. What I mean is, no matter how wonderful the software is, a lot of success – or failure – comes down to proper CRM implementation. So, what are the top 3 things to remember when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation?

Discover What You Truly Need

Before implementation, do a thorough review of your company’s back office processes to determine what your CRM system truly needs. This will also help establish which pitfalls in your system need to be fixed prior to implementation. By analyzing needs, you can get a thorough impression on where implementation efforts need the most focus.

Training is Key

CRM implementation is not just a one-step process. Employees need to be kept up-to-date before, during, and after implementation to ensure there is a complete understanding of new and improved CRM capabilities. This will require a certain amount of training with continued education on a regular basis. Not only must your team be trained accordingly, they also must be excited about your new system and motivated to learn.  Highlighting how this new system will benefit your employees individually will help grow this motivation and excitement.

Take Your Time

After you’ve addressed the important issues above, it is common to get ahead of yourself and rush the implementation process. Yet, after all this work, you don’t want to make mistakes now! Implementing too quick or going live too soon may pose a variety of problems. CRM is an investment, and should be treated as an investment. Take time with the technical work and make sure your staff does the same. It will be worth is when Microsoft Dynamics CRM is fully functioning and your staff is properly educated.

Enduring Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation alone is no easy task. Finding a partner to help guide and train your team is another essential factor to success. Contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners for more information.

by Logan Consulting

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