An Engaged Sales Team is no longer a Fantasy!

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With the recent acquisition of Incent Games Inc., Microsoft is now the owner of FantasySalesTeam.

Included free with a professional license of Microsoft Dynamics CRM  this innovative platform can help your company boost sales, increase productivity, drive revenue and improve CRM adoption, through the collaboration of different team members in exciting team based competitions that are fun as well as effective.

It promotes a competitive spirit and camaraderie among employees by making teams made up of those who are directly and indirectly involved in the sales process. So, your company can reach its targets and boost sales as teams competes against each other in a fantasy sports approach.


At the heart of FantasySalesTeam is the leader board, which motivates teams to compete and get bragging rights in the office; it is there for all to see. There’s also multiple, multi-tiered awards so teams are rewarded for their efforts as a whole and also individually throughout the various tasks they undertake.

What’s more, there’s no complicated spreadsheets used to monitor teams’ performances. Everything is simplified so the hassle is taken out of sales management and operations.

It enables all members of your sales team to have as level a playing field as possible instead of the top performers always coming out on top and the rest becoming demotivated, and so, helps increase sales as a whole.

fantasy salesteam

The results speak for themselves. Service Corporation International (NYSE: SCI) compared the performance of 130 sales reps to that of 700 other and found that those using FantasySalesTeam closed on average 88 percent more deals.

Also Wireless Zone saw an amazing 175 percent surge in total sales and a 9 percent increase in profits in just its first month after implementing the software.

To see more examples please click here.


Your business flows better when you use Dynamics CRM. enCloud9, a Silver Dynamics CRM Partner based in Omaha, Nebraska can help you to implement Fantasy Sales Team as part of your Dynamics CRM solution.

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This blog entry was written by Brian Begley of enCloud9, Nebraska Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner,

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