End The Year On A High With This Sales Checklist and Dynamics CRM

After a grueling year following up on leads and closing deals it can be tempting for team members to take their foot off the gas and coast it out till the new year.

However, with this sales checklist you can keep your team motivated to reach their targets and end the year with a bang!

Remind Your Team Of Their Sales Target

It can be easy for your sales team to become distracted with their day to day activities and take their eye off the goal. And even if you have already told your sales team several times already, it does no harm to tell them again.

By making sure they are aware of what they have to do,  you can make them refocus and get the fire burning so they get moving in the right direction and are more likely to reach their goals.

Give Support To Your Team

Pay attention to your new reps. They don’t have the experience of other team members. If the year comes to a close and they are struggling to meet their targets then it is easy for them to feel defeated and lose enthusiasm. Here’s what to do…

See what the best deals are in each rep's funnel and offer them advice and support in closing them. Attention like this from senior management can be just the thing they need to get them motivated and start performing at their best.

This will also help them build some inner resolve and be battle ready for whatever comes in the next year.

Offer End Of Year Deals To Existing Customers

End of year deals are a great way for you to get a few more end of year sales. Reach out to your existing customers and tell them you want to thank them for being loyal customers by offering them your best deals.

To further entice them you can also tell them that prices will be going up next year so that by buying now they will be saving money.

Monitor Your Team’s Activities

Are your team members making the necessary phone calls, going to meetings with clients and delivering enough proposals etc. to close deals? Or worse still, hanging out by the coffee machine and sharing office gossip?

You don’t have to rule with an iron fist, but it’s important that you keep an eye on your team to make sure that they are doing what’s required of them. Dashboards built into Dynamics CRM give you a high level view of your team's performance.

Promote A Competitive Spirit And Camaraderie

It’s important to keep morale up. If your sales people are having fun while they work then they will be more productive, catch more leads and close more deals.

A great way of keeping your sales team on track, keeping morale up, and having healthy competition is with FantasySalesTeam. A new addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016; it promotes a competitive spirit and camaraderie among employees in exciting team based competitions.Your company can reach its targets and boost sales as teams compete against each other in a fantasy sports approach.

If you are serious about reaching your sales targets,  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is the most powerful software available for you to do so. For more information please click here!

Your business flows better when you use Dynamics CRM. enCloud9, a Silver Dynamics CRM Partner based in Omaha, Nebraska can help you to manage your sales pipeline and close more business using a Dynamics CRM solution.

Contact us today at 877-373-6697 or [email protected] You can follow our twitter at @encloud9 for daily updates on important CRM news.

by Brian Begley of enCloud9, Nebraska Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner, www.enCloud9.com


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