Dynamics CRM 2016 Responds to the Millennial Workforce

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Described as the next generation of intelligent customer engagement by Microsoft blogger, Bob Stutz, Dynamics CRM is getting better as Microsoft responds to market trends. This is very exciting for our growing Dynamics practice in the Denver market. And our customers are ready!

As Microsoft ushers in a game-changing upgrade for Dynamics CRM in 2016, let's look at the trends that inspired the software giant to step it up.

CRM adoption

As the economy expands and businesses grow, the SMB market has an insatiable appetite for tools to build loyalty in customers and effectively engage prospects.

In 2013, SalesLoft reported that CRM had less than 50 percent adoption rate consistently over two years and 43 percent of users realize they use less than half of the features of CRM. The struggle for companies to get employees to use CRM software to its full potential has been a historic pain point for management.

With today's consumer dependent on technology, mobility has already proven synonymous with productivity. The new generation spends a majority of their time on mobile devices and engaging on social channels.

The CRM industry is seeing an increase in enterprise investment in training on tools they implemented years ago. It's like the planets are aligning for the first time and Microsoft is taking full advantage of this movement.

More stats on CRM from Gartner

  • By 2015, more than 70 percent of new sales application projects will be software-as-a-service (SaaS) and the cloud will represent over 50 percent of all new CRM applications.
  • By 2020, mobile devices will be the new standard for everyday computing for small companies, often bypassing or replacing desktops and laptops.
  • By 2016, 55 percent of salespeople will access sales applications exclusively through smartphones or tablets, and mobility will be a top priority for SMBs' IT spending, driven by cost savings and productivity gains

To the new workforce, mobility means productivity

"We are eliminating the distractions people inevitably encounter when they bounce from application to application in the course of doing their job by taking away the need to export or switch applications, and by automating fundamental tasks." - Bob Stutz, vice president of Microsoft's Dynamics division wrote in a Sept. 8 blog post.

What does this mean to the user? Well, the suite integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products allowing access to Excel data, PowerPoint slides, and Word documents without leaving the CRM app.

"Work is not where we go but what we do," said Gurdeep Singh Pall, corporate vice president of Skype engineering at Microsoft's Ignite conference in May of this year. For today's professionals and business owners, Pall's assessment of this trend is spot on.

The influence in developing Dynamics CRM for 2016 stems from an expanding millennial workforce. Many of the updates reflect the mobile preferences of a generation known as the digital native - preadolescent cellphone/smartphone aficionados. As well, millennials' tendency to work together inspired changes to Delve and Office 365, simplifying collaboration for employees, no matter where they are.

Users can track emails, add contacts from within an email, or create new records to track emails through the browser on a PC or a Mac, or a mobile browser on a phone. Perfecting the CRM app for Outlook takes this experience to the next level of productivity and the ever-important Office 365 integration with CRM and CRM mobile app will prove to be your sales team's happy place.

Answering to the trend of the user and the needs of enterprise, Microsoft’s latest edition leaves no guesswork in preparing, collaborating and executing on the go with personalized sales documents, enhanced excel, CRM app for outlook and Cortana integration.

Today, intelligent is the buzzword.

A system that thinks is what the latest version of Dynamics CRM for 2016 is all about. The need is great for a smarter CRM that does much more with the input from its human counterpart. Dynamics CRM more than satisfies this new generation's expectation of technology.

As an IT managed services company and MSP with a growing business solutions practice, NexusTek offers SMB clients across Colorado and the Front Range customized Dynamics CRM that will grow with technology trends and their business.


by NexusTek

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