Top 4 Benefits to Get Your Sales Team Excited About CRM

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If you’re a sales manager, the concept of CRM (customer relationship management) is easy to understand. CRM gives you the capabilities to dramatically enhance relationships with your customers and increase sales. Yet, for sales people the idea of CRM sometimes elicits negativity. Sales people may view CRM as a hindrance, just another tool for data entry that will take time out of their already heavily scheduled day.

So, sales managers will have to harness their skills and do a bit more selling – this time to their sales teams. Sales managers have to prove the value of CRM to their sales teams in order to get the entire organization on board.

Here are four key benefits to get your sales team excited about CRM

  1. CRM Enhances Memory

Surely members in your sales organization are all superheroes. Even so, it is impossible to remember pertinent contact information for all clients at all times. CRM can offer your sales team a personal assistant/added brain capacity.

  1. CRM Organizes Your Life

In the world of sales, calendars are constantly busy and often complicated. As your company grows and more clients are added, home grown calendar systems begin to get bogged down. With CRM, reminders are built into your daily processes and provide you with a record of follow-up activities. Notes from calls can also be recorded and saved for future reference.

  1. CRM Helps You Learn How to Improve

CRM tracks selling patterns and allows sales people to see what works best for them and continuously learn from what works best for others. Records of business behavior are documented, so employees still stay knowledgeable and up to speed when territories switch.

  1. CRM Ensures That Sales Keep Coming Back

Customer records allow for meaningful relationships to form between sales people and clients. This relationship is key to ensure that customers keep coming back time and time again. CRM also allows for better marketing, which can better segment the market and allow product offerings that fit your customers best. These relationships and special catering methods make customers happy and keeps them coming back.


CRM systems enhance organizations immensely, but in order to see results you need to create excitement within the sales teams that will be using these systems. When your sales organization realizes the added benefits, and then sees the increase in their commissions, they will be much more willing to put effort and time into learning something new. Track your results after implementation in order to show the positive impact that CRM has made.

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