Microsoft Dynamics CRM Ranking, A Top Solution by Gartner

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM received some good press recently. The Microsoft company's commitment to cloud performance, mobile solutions and flexibility is popular with new software customers.

In July 2015, Gartner released its Sales Force Automation Magic Quadrant report, according to Business Insider. The market research firm's list of top-competing products highlighted firms that delivered optimum sales automation. The products offered by the businesses manage accounts, contacts and opportunities. The report judged the companies based on how well their services improved sales effectiveness and handled resources.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM ranking - both the online and on-premise versions - was one of the leaders in the industry. The product demonstrated diverse capabilities, interoperability and overall customer satisfaction. A few advantages highlighted in the report include predictive analytics and the ability to build custom features. Microsoft was praised for its improved performance and its expansion to mobile capabilities over the last year.

Salesforce was the other product that took a top spot in the survey, but it is not as popular as it once was. It is one of the most expensive options on the market, and the product has an outdated interface and a problem integrating with other software. In short, while Salesforce has long been seen as a giant in the market, it's losing ground to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft attempted to buy Salesforce earlier this year. The companies couldn't reach a mutual price, so now they are going after the same customers. Business Insider recently shared the results of a JP Morgan survey of Salesforce customers. The report concluded Microsoft Dynamics CRM was Salesforce's biggest competition. Customers ranked the Dynamics solution twice as high as the second-leading competitor. Respondents preferred Microsoft's price and cloud capabilities. Industry experts credit the high demand for Microsoft products to recent updates and a refocused business plan.

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