Microsoft CRM and Hootsuite : A Dynamic Duo In Social Interaction

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The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM update is coming with some exciting news – integration with the social media management system, Hootsuite. This new partnership will allow for enhanced brand management capabilities across multiple platforms.

Hootsuite is a system that allows users access to all of their current social media platforms in one place, allowing for simplicity and innovation when it comes to managing brands online. The dynamic Hootsuite dashboard provides users complete social network visibility, which in turn creates better understanding of current and prospective customers. With Hootsuite, users can create quality leads and can learn how to effectively grow their brand through social media tactics.

The Hootsuite dashboard implements directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, creating seamless integration between the two platforms. Items from the Hootsuite dashboard can be directly inputted into the CRM system, creating specific customer files based on their social media interactions. Users can also integrate Hootsuite with Yammer to collaborate in real time with customers on social media.

Businesses know their customers on a professional level, yet how much information does that really tell them? By utilizing social media through Hootsuite, companies can really get to understand their customers' and prospective customers' likes, dislikes, wants, and desires. To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics partners.

by Logan Consulting

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