Keep Your Customers HAPPY With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Companies spend a majority of their budget attempting to acquire new business and customers, yet sometimes tend to neglect their main source of revenue – their current customers! Keeping current customers happy turns them into loyal customers, which means repeat business and more referrals for you. Here are 3 ways that Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help keep your current customers dedicated to your business.

Make doing business easy – By using Microsoft Dynamics CRM you substantially eliminate mistakes by centralizing your customer data. This will allow your entire organization access to current client info and business data, allowing for effortless communication.

Respond quickly to situations – Microsoft Dynamics CRM will allow you to address customer issues immediately.  If a request comes through customer service, Dynamics CRM can associate activities with the specified account allowing the ability for immediate follow-up. If an activity is open too long, the issue is passed to a manager which ensures that customer issues are addressed as soon as possible.

Keep relationships close- Don’t only call customers when you have to make a sale, communicate with your customer frequently and let them know how much you value their business. With CRM you can set reminders to check in with your current customers to make sure everything is running accordingly.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is not only used for prospecting, this product should also be used to keep your customers HAPPY! For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM or for information on CRM implementation contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics partners.

by Logan Consulting

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