Is Technology the Enemy or Are We Just Not Using It Well?

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“Technology can be a blessing or a curse.” Have you heard that phrase? Do you relate to it? Technology is all well and good when it makes our lives easier and more productive. But when things go wrong we want to tear our hair out and scream at our computer screens.

As a company building and offering software solutions, we are of course firmly on the technology bandwagon. We have worked hard to ensure that our products are designed and engineered to make your work life easier and more productive.

The key to having technology work for you is to use the right tool for the job at hand.

Technology employed for its designated use can truly be a blessing; it is only when we ask it to do something for which it wasn’t designed that it quickly becomes a curse.

We’ve seen companies who try to use their accounting systems to manage projects, a use for which it wasn’t designed. Sure, it handles the money side of the project but it doesn’t handle the major part of the project which is the paperwork and the endless correspondence.  The best of all worlds is a project management system specifically built for your industry and potentially integrated with your existing systems.

What makes IPM Project Management different is that it is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.  Unlike other platforms where one technology is trying to do multiple jobs without the tools or functionality to do so, Dynamics CRM is actually designed to be expanded to suit different Industry specific needs.  Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is open and expandable, it is relatively easy to integrate it with other best of breed systems such as estimating, scheduling and of course accounting systems. This results in an “end to end” system that provides the best of all worlds.

Construction, engineering, specialty and other project based businesses typically have unique requirements not addressed by many out of the box ERP or CRM systems; so along comes IPM Project Management which is specifically designed to bridge the gap and contribute to your project success.

To learn more about why IPM Global project management is the right tool for your Construction Engineering business please feel free to contact us and let us demonstrate it for you.

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