Geocoding Workflow for Dynamics Maps

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In a previous post we demonstrated how to add visual representation of CRM records on maps, using Dynamics Maps.

Maps can be added to any CRM out-of-the-box and customised entities. While some CRM entities include fields to store address and coordinates, it is more likely that the address field is customised and we need a mechanism (a workflow) to populate the latitude & longitude fields.

A workflow is included with Dynamics Maps solution to convert any set of fields, representing address details, to latitude & longitude values and store them in the record. When configuring a map for an entity, part of Map Customization setting is pointing to where the latitude & longitude values are read.

In CRM, go to>Settings>Processes> and open the workflow: Example Geo-codding workflow for Dynamics Maps.

This workflow is for the Account entity, but can be applied to any CRM entity. The workflow has two steps:

Step 1: Geo coding Functions. Assign for each address field the corresponding customised address field, as per image1.

Step 2: Update Record. Based on the input in step 1 above, our plugin will calculate the coordinates and save them to the assigned fields designated in step 2, refer to Image 2

Note: we suggest you trigger this workflow as on-demand process when a record is created and when any record’s fields that is address related field, is changed. This way you ensure that the workflow can be run manually, but also automatically, when a new record is created or if someone updates any address field with a new value.

Image 1:

Workflow Geocoding 1

Image 2:

Workflow Geocoding 2


Read more or download the solution:

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