Dynamics Maps – Visual Representation of CRM Records on Maps

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Map-with-legend-and-infoboxDynamics Maps adds visual representation to CRM records. Dynamics Maps presents records on maps based on their distance range from other records of same entity or other records of related entities, e.g. all Students within selected distance range from selected Campuses or all Accounts within selected distance from selected Branch Offices.

Searched and filtered results are displayed on a map, grouped by colour (with legend), or click-to-open configurable Info-Box with URL for one click to open the record.

Dynamics Maps is user configurable:

  • Which customized or OOB entity is configured to display maps
  • Group records by any attribute (field)
  • Menu / button names
  • Define fields to be presented in the Info-Box (which is opened when push pin is clicked)
  • Build in workflow to automatically update the record’s fields that represent Latitude & Longitude based on any field or fields that are assigned to store the record’s address.


Click here: download Dynamics Maps - Free Trial

by Dynamics Objects - Innovative CRM Solutions




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