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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and FieldOne field service management software have come together. This is big news. And good news.

Think of Dynamics CRM and FieldOne as a fork and knife. Both are incredibly useful and functional tools in their own right. Each has some rudimentary ability to do what the other does, though results aren’t ideal. But put them together, and they’re exponentially more useful than either was alone.

Dynamics CRM excels at managing accounts, contacts, activities, leads, opportunities, and more. FieldOne is a powerful tool for generating work orders, scheduling resources, and equipping field agents with what they need to do their job with maximum efficiency. The system performs millions of computations to automatically optimize the use of resources, reduce travel time, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Now the entire cycle, from customer acquisition to service implementation, is handled by CRM and FieldOne working together. The system is extremely flexible, and can be tailored to a business’s specific processes. One example of a workflow might look like this: A lead comes in, perhaps via a LiveChat agent on a supplier’s website, and CRM auto-generates a lead record.  An inside sales rep then triages the lead, finds out what the customer wants, and qualifies the lead to an opportunity. The dispatcher is automatically notified by CRM. Using the FieldOne capabilities that now reside in CRM, he turns the task over to the powerful algorithms that automatically suggest appointment times based on available technicians, location, and traffic patterns. A technician is then dispatched to do the work, collects payment on-site with his mobile device, and print a receipt. All details flow back into CRM, so this customer can be nurtured for future repeat business.  And management can generate charts and dashboards to study the process and refine it even further for the future.

This is just one example of the type of efficiency and synergy that can result from these two fantastic products coming together. And the rewards are shared on both sides. By the supplier who benefits from customers who are converted and served efficiently and profitably. And by customers who enjoy fast, efficient service and follow-up. It’s win-win. It’s fork and knife.

For more information about FieldOne, visit http://www.crmdynamics.ca/fieldone.


Greg Kligman is Business Development Manager at CRM Dynamics www.crmdynamics.ca. He can be reached at greg.kligman@crmdynamics.ca

by CRM Dynamics

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