5 Benefits of Project Management Software for Your Business

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If yours is an engineering or construction business, you know how important your project management software is to your success. If you are engaged in these businesses and are just now investigating project management software, IPM Global can help. Here are 5 reasons IPM Global Project Management Software will benefit your project based business:

  1. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics

Likely your team is already using Microsoft products like Outlook, Word, Office 365 and perhaps Dynamics CRM and ERP.  IPM Global Project Management integrates directly with these systems. Because IPM operates right within the already familiar Microsoft Outlook, your team will find it intuitive and it will require less time and money spent on training. Plus, you don’t have to log into a separate system.

  1. Customizable to your needs

Of course your business has unique requirements and your own way of operating. Because IPM Global Project Management Software is based on a Microsoft platform, it can easily be customized to suit your needs. You may desire customized screens, dashboards, field labels, reports and workflows. You can achieve all of these without the need to hire outside consultants.

  1. Extensive reporting and Dashboards

In order to manage a project properly it is crucial to have up to date information at your fingertips.  In addition to the more than 100 reports and dashboards that are delivered out of the box, users can easily create their own Dashboards and queries.

  1. Optionally integrates with a variety of ERP systems

Engineering and construction industries often have accounting requirements that are not met by standard ERP solutions. IPM Global project management software integrates with a variety of ERP systems to provide functions that you need without making changes to your accounting system.

  1. Access your information from anywhere

Particularly in the area of project management, your team needs access to information whether in the office, on the road or on the jobsite. IPM Global project management software allows you to access your information on a variety of devices for use online or offline. It is truly mobile.

To learn more about IPM Global Project Management Software and how it can benefit your project based business, contact IPM Global and ask for a free demo.

By IPM Global


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