With Project Management Software, Flexibility is a Must

Searching for a project management solution? Consider these basic features:


Why is flexibility in your project management software so important? Think about all the projects you have managed and remember how many were one hundred percent scheduled and budgeted right from the start. Not many, right? Things happen, scenarios change; it doesn’t take much to alter a prospective budget or schedule, especially on a large scale project. You need to be flexible and your project management solution needs to be flexible enough to keep up with the changes.

Think about the projects you are managing at present. It is not unheard of for project managers to have several projects in the works, maybe some large and some small. Multiple projects of various size and parameter also call for flexibility in your project management software.

You should be able to use the same project management software for all of your projects rather than using spreadsheets for smaller projects and the project management software only for large projects. By using the same software for all your projects, you maintain a professional consistency across projects and provide accessibility and visibility into your business as a whole. You also insure against the errors that are so common when using spreadsheets.


Your project management software should be user friendly. The software should be built for the project manager, not the accountant. Those job descriptions are very different and although both are necessary, you will get the most value from your software if you choose the right software for the job. Rather than trying to add makeshift features to an accounting software system, a project management system should be based on the project manager’s job: what he does, what he needs to know. A properly set up dashboard can give a project manager the critical data he needs at a glance.


When evaluating project management solutions, ask these questions:  Can this project management software be easily customized to fit my unique business needs? Will we have the ability to access it through other software that we use every day, like Microsoft Outlook? Can we create custom menus, dashboards, workflows and screens to reflect the way we prefer to do business?

On the go access

Your project team does not necessarily work in the office, at least not all of the time. Your project management solution should ensure that they have access to all project information at all times. Whether via smart phone, tablet, laptop or home pc, your team will perform better with more likelihood of staying on budget and on schedule if they have the data they require, anytime, anyplace that they may be working. Think how much more efficient it is to be able to answer a question when on a job site, rather than having to drive (or fly!) back to the office to get the information.

Multiple Industry Flexibility

Even if you operate in just one industry sector, project management software that is flexible enough to work across industries will offer the most versatility and allow you to manage projects that don’t fit the cookie cutter mould. Your projects are not all identical and your project management software must have the flexibility to cope with the differences.

In today’s world of tight deadlines and streamlined budgets, your project management software must be practical, intuitive, versatile and yes, flexible.  IPM Global Project Management software has these qualities built into its design. It is project management software for project managers.

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