I Survived My First CRMUG Summit

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The most recent Summit in Reno was my first CRMUG Summit experience and to say I was a “newbie” would be the understatement of the century! You see…the week before CRMUG Summit, was also my first week with Rockton Software, where I began a new position as Marketing Assistant. Coincidentally, that was also my first week in the Software/Technology industry after spending two years in the sports industry. Are you sensing the theme of firsts?

Believe me when I say I had no clue what to expect from CRMUG Summit. Would it be like the tech conferences I’d seen mocked in the movies with overzealous nerds donning suspenders and bow ties and cheering at each session? Would it be like a middle school dance where everyone just stands along the wall and avoids eye contact? It couldn’t actually be fun and enjoyable could it?

All of my “newbie” preconceptions of CRMUG Summit were thrown out the window. In fact, what followed was a great week filled with meeting my peers, learning during informative sessions and plenty of bonding with the Rockton Software team. I’d like to highlight a few of my biggest newbie “ah ha” moments from the week in Reno.

The sense of community was evident right from the start. The Summit is a gathering of four different user groups  (CRMUG, GPUG, AXUG, NAVUG)  and during the opening session it was clear that each user group took great pride in their respective community. Okay, so there was some cheering involved, but rightfully so when the statistics of growth and participation of CRMUG Summit were revealed. When the CRM community grows and succeeds, each member benefits, whether it be users, ISVs or Partners.

I was expecting a steep learning curve when I arrived in Reno and I was pleased to find that I had finally made one correct assumption. Perhaps the best part of Summit is that I was not alone; all attendees were there to learn, regardless of whether they had been in the industry for 10 years or one week. Due to the rapidly occurring innovation, the need to learn and adapt will remain for years and years to come. I admire the dedication of the CRMUG members not only to learn, but also to share their knowledge with others in the community.

As my week of cultural immersion at the CRMUG Summit drew to a close, I couldn’t help but smile. As exhausted as I was, the excitement of belonging to such a welcoming community was overwhelming; it actually turned out to be one of the best weeks I’ve had thus far in my professional career. After this experience, I whole heartedly embrace my newbie status and look forward to the many more firsts I will have in the Microsoft Dynamics industry.

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Written By Elise Rooney, Marketing Assistant at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-On Partner.

by Rockton Software

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