Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Platform Features Updates

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In the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (scheduled for Q4) there are several updates across the product components. In the Platform features area of MSCRM, there will be updates to several product areas:


Modern Web API: Dynamics CRM will provide web SPIs that leverage the most broadly adopted industry standards for protocol (HTTP and REST), security (OAuth 2), format (JSON), and expose it's rich set of data capabilities via open industry standard OData v4. This approach moves the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform from a .NET focused set of capabilities to a position of being open to the wide variety of technology platforms in use across the technology industry.


Exocystem Enablement: Investment into the capabilities of CRM to allow for sub-components of a Solution Package, patching support, lifecycle improvements for integration with the Marketplace and parallel of deployment.


Server-Side sync: This release will introduce support for the hybrid scenario of synchronization between CRM Online and Exchange On-premises.


Next Generation Search: Enhanced search experience provides results across entities, sorted by relevance, matched to any word across any search enabled field in any search enabled entity. This new search capability will be off by default for everyone, but end users will still have the existing mulit-entity Quick Find experience, which has been renamed to Categorized Search, available in the user interface.


An example of the new search options is shown below:




Azzure Machine Learning: Machine learning "ML" scenario-based integration with Azure ML11. This will introduce product cross-sell recommendations and suggested knowledge articles with text analytics. The Azure ML integration offers updates to the CRM user interface, removing the need for detailed understanding of analysis of ML models.


An example of the suggestions for cross-selling opportunities is shown below:



Compatibility: Ongoing updates to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Compatibility List to continue to provide current details on the test results of combinations of different Microsoft products, as well as support for different versions of non-Microsoft browsers.


The full Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Release Preview Guide can be found here.


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