Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016: Automated Data for Customer Relations

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CRM services are important because customers don't have to settle in the modern market. If a business does not offer the service a customer expects, they can jump online and find other brands to supply the goods and support they want. For many people, a positive relationship with a company is an essential part of patronage.

Business Insider shared the results of an American Express survey that found nearly three-fourths of consumers would pay more for products accompanied by excellent customer service. Companies want solutions for better audience engagement and client interaction, and Microsoft has responded with new technology.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 provides the increased customer focus and streamlined functionality businesses look for. Microsoft designed the new features and improvements based on consumer feedback. Microfsoft CRM facilitates informed marketing, proactive sales, consistent customer service and advanced social performance.

Efficient marketing provides customers with information about products and services they need. It's the process of guiding them through a sales pipeline full of opportunities to learn more. Businesses want content that promotes further investigation and works around audience preferences.

Microsoft Dynamics 2016 provides enhanced marketing features that automate routine tasks and allow creative employees to work on eye-catching materials and unique concerns. Traditional marketing tools like email include improved display capabilities for generated HTML in messages. Users can build enriched communications based on advanced customer analytics.

The new CRM solution provides short message service (SMS) features. Companies can create SMS campaigns to be automatically sent to customers in a specific database. Microsoft said all of its multi-channel marketing tools feature multiple language and design options.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016's features promote mobile applications. Marketing teams can design advertising materials on their smartphones; customer service agents can get consumer question alerts at any time; and sales reps ensure they don't miss a step in the lead nurturing process.

The CRM solution's improved functionally makes back office processes simpler so sales teams can focus on customer needs. ZDnet described how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 utilizes mobile Office apps, Excel, Outlook and Microsoft Social Engagement to create an all-in-one tool. While working with a lead, a sales employee can message, create orders in Document Generation, save the information on OneDrive and check data against Trending Documents. The company representative can do all this in one platform by scrolling through applications rather than opening and closing numerous programs.

Customer Service
McKinsey & Company, a professional corporate advisor, suggested consistency is the main principle behind excellent customer service. In a multi-channel world, consumers want the same quality of care no matter what platform they use to contact the business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 gives customer agents the solutions they need to act on complete sets of information.

Employees can use either a multi-stream or single-stream dashboard. Multi-stream users can access several tables when speaking with a customer, prioritizing contacts and capturing details from each engagement. Single-stream is a simpler program that provides a complete record for individual consumers. The dashboards are customizable so each employee can use the software in whatever way is most comfortable.

Social media is a major communication channel that too many businesses ignore. Social Media Today reported 87 percent of questions and comments posted to company Facebook pages go unanswered. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 features Social Listening to monitor for communications and Social Analytics to gather information about the interactions.

The updated CRM solutions work with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, online blogs and other boards and forums. Previous programs monitored and facilitated engagements in a variety of languages; Dynamics CRM 2016 adds 14 more. The solution can search through multiple channels looking for keywords or other metrics. Companies can use social media pages to engage with existing clients and search for new leads.

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