How Insurance Employee Benefits Brokers Can Solidify Client Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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As an employee benefits broker, your time is always valuable but it is not always billable. Much of your time is likely spent doing “goodwill activities”: time that is not billable to the client, but it helps build the relationship so you will retain their loyalty and earn more business.

For example:

It is open enrollment time and you need to prepare plan summaries, brochures and cost options for a company’s employees based on specific needs.

  • You receive a call from an individual user who has just had a child and wants to know how this will impact rates.
  • The business owner reaches out and wants their renewal list for their HMO or PPO medical plans and asks you to do a plan comparison summary to see if they can get more competitive rates.
  • The HR manager asks for an informational meeting with employees to review disability and volunteer benefit programs, again.

This time needs to be tracked. It shows you, and your team, where your time is spent. But it can also help to solidify your relationships with your clients.

What if you had the ability to say, "Mr. Customer, look at all the services that we've provided you throughout the year.  We appreciate that your policies are with us, and we are happy to spend this extra time to make sure we are providing you with maximum value."

With that level of customer service, they would think twice before going to another insurance broker just to save a few bucks and risk the chance that the same goodwill won’t be provided.

We have made these activities easy to track in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, specifically with employee benefits brokers in mind.

You can quickly track your stewardship activities by assigned  category: for example, training, customer service, goodwill, a description and time spent. The activities can now be reported on. Presenting a polished stewardship report to your customer will arm you with the ability to substantiate your value and build a closer relationship with them. The bottom line is that this is quick and easy and will provide tremendous value to your agency.

This is just one feature of our BenefitsBridge add on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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By AbleBridge, Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner serving the Insurance Industry,

 Twitter: @AbleBridge

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