Why it’s a Great Idea to Upgrade from Goldmine to Microsoft CRM

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We have upgraded many past users of Goldmine to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They have enjoyed an instant boost to their productivity, for a very comparable price. Here are 6 reasons to make the switch:

  1. Microsoft CRM was designed to integrate with all of Microsoft’s products, and works seamlessly from Outlook or Exchange. Tracking email is done with one click. Exporting information to Excel is effortless. Once you see how easily Microsoft CRM integrates with your other software, you’ll wonder why you waited.
  2. Microsoft CRM has powerful business-building capabilities that Goldmine doesn’t. Now you can manage sales, Leads, Opportunities, Customer service, Ordering, Quoting and much more, all from CRM.
  3. Microsoft CRM is cloud-based. That means CRM anywhere, from any device, including your tablet or smart phone. We will host your CRM. Gone will be your worries about servers and IT tickets--all the headaches usually associated with on-premises CRM will go away.
  4. Microsoft CRM can connect to virtually any other database to give users a truly 360 degree view of your customers. For example, if you connect it to your accounting software, your reps can know at a glance if their customer is past-due. No more chasing people in other departments to get information and reports. They can have it all right there in CRM.
  5. Microsoft CRM is highly scalable. Growing? CRM will grow with you. It can handle 20 users or 2000 users just as easily.
  6. Switching from Goldmine to Microsoft CRM couldn’t be easier. We extract your data, business processes and customizations, and load them into Microsoft CRM on the cloud. Then we connect it to your email. Done.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading from Goldmine to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, now is the time. Don’t waste another day missing out on the many ways Microsoft CRM can help your business, and make every day so much easier.


Greg Kligman is Business Development Manager at CRM Dynamics a company that specializes in implementing constituency relationship management systems (CRM) to help higher education institutions optimize their recruitment and admissions processes, and modernize their communications with students.   He can be reached at greg.kligman@crmdynamics.ca

by CRM Dynamics


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