How to Calculate Multicurrency Sales Forecasts in Dynamics CRM

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As a global company, do you have the ability to see a forecast of all your sales opportunities in a single currency?

Let’s say you are a US based company with sales offices across the globe. One office is entering sales leads and forecasting revenue in Yuan, another in Euros, another in Pesos.

But management needs to be able to see the total forecasted revenue in a single master currency.

With the Sales Pipeline Management add on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales reps can see a list of opportunities based in local currency but you can also roll them up to see calculated totals in US dollars, or the currency of your choice.

This allows you to see a master forecast of all predicted revenue in a single currency. You can choose to group, sort and calculate based on currency, region, sales rep or other criteria.

For example, in this screenshot below a sales leader for a global company headquartered in Europe wants to look at the pipeline for North America. He can see individual opportunities in US dollars but the sub-total and totals in Euros.

Multicurrency sales pipeline management report - Dynamics CRM


This tool eliminates the need to export Dynamics CRM opportunities into Microsoft Excel with a currency conversion formula. That Excel document will soon be outdated and is difficult to share across the organization. When all the information is entered and stays within Dynamics CRM it is more accurate, more available and allows you and your team across the globe to make better decisions.

This is just one feature of the Sales Pipeline Management tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM from AbleBridge.

Learn more about Sales Pipeline Management.

To discuss other ways we have helped global sales organizations be more productive with Microsoft Dynamics CRM contact AbleBridge at 877-600-2253.

By AbleBridge, Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner,

Twitter: @AbleBridge

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