Project Management: How to Choose a Solution

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Project management tools can be a real boon for project managers, but only if they are the right tools for the project. Some tools lack critical features necessary for collaboration while others are built precisely for long-term integrative projects involving various teams.

The best project management software allows you to manage your projects efficiently while inadequate software can delay rather that accelerate completion of the project.  In addition, project management software is dependent on its users. So how do you know which project management solution is the best fit for your projects and for your team?

Before discussing what makes a project management solution effective, you need to back up a step and make sure you have already done a needs analysis. Brainstorm with your team; ask for input. Take into consideration the goals of individual members or departments as well as your overall business goals. When your goals are identified, you are ready to choose your project management software. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a solution:

  1. Collaboration

Project management software should be designed to promote collaboration. Evaluate a project management solution for robust tools facilitating communication and organization. Your choice should be a solution that allows seamless information sharing and detailed reports and status updates.

  1.  Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has made its mark and for good reason.  The convenience of having your project management accessible to team members whether they are in the office, on a project site or collaborating from half-way around the world is invaluable. Your choice should be a solution that gives you the option of web based or cloud technology.

  1.  User interface familiarity

To reiterate, Project management software is dependent on its users.  If the interface is user friendly, intuitive and familiar to team members there will be less of a learning curve and less resistance to using the tool. Project management tools that work from inside Microsoft Outlook have the advantage of familiarity and ease of use.

  1.  Scheduling

Successful project management should have the goals of staying on schedule and delivering the project on time. Project management software that has the capability of alerting team members about impending deadlines and other actionable issues will help you meet those goals. Your ideal project management solution will also enable project managers and team members to see what tasks have been completed and by whom and what tasks are yet to be completed.

If you are looking for a project management solution that meets all of the criteria, contact IPM Global and ask about our Project Management Software

IPM Project Management is a scalable and fully integrated project management software tool that was built for businesses within the construction, engineering and project based industries.

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