Get Ready to Take Your Productivity to the Next Level with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

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Microsoft just announced the release of Dynamics CRM 2016, slated for later this year. In a press release on the subject, Microsoft calls this “The most comprehensive upgrade ever for Dynamics CRM.” While that may sound like a bold statement, its validity quickly becomes apparent when you start to look at the information that’s been released thus far on Dynamics CRM 2016.

Here are just a few of the exciting new features you can expect to enjoy when Dynamics CRM 2016 is released later this year.

  • A new and improved CRM app for Outlook – this will allow you to track emails or add contacts from within the email client or even create new records through which to track emails on any device (PC, Mac, phone or tablet).
  • An enhanced Excel experience – new Excel templates will automate many core tasks for individuals across departments, but particularly for those who work in sales. A couple of the tasks that these new templates will make easier are calculating commissions and managing sales forecasts. Better yet, all this insight can be accessed directly within CRM, with no need to toggle between programs, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Easy access to relevant documents – similar to the enhanced Excel experience I described above, with CRM 2016 you can now open documents associated with a CRM record directly from within CRM, no matter whether you’re working on the desktop, your smartphone or tablet.
  • Improved Coratana integration – Dynamics CRM 2015 first introduced integration with Coratana, Microsoft’s digital personal assistant. And, Dynamics CRM 2016 builds on those capabilities; accounts, opportunities and sales activities will now be embedded into Coratana so that salespeople have easy access to the information that is most important to them.
  • Personalized sales documents – With CRM 2016, it will be easier than ever create important sales documents. Thanks to a new feature called Document Generation, you will no longer have to manually extract data from CRM and put it into documents such as quotes, invoices, orders or account summaries. Instead, with a single click, you’ll be able to easily generate documents from within CRM using predefined Word and Excel templates. These templates are role-based to ensure that you always have access to the proper content to meet your specific needs.
  • OneDrive for Business integration With Dynamics CRM 2016 you will be able to get a consolidated view of all of your documents across SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Office 365 groups, all within the context of the CRM record you are viewing at a given point in time.

Reading about the new features coming in the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is great, but seeing is really believing. So, if you want to see some of the features I described above in action for yourself, I recommend you take a look at this brief CRM 2016 demo video that the Microsoft Dynamics team just released. Or, if you want to read even more in depth about the new features coming in the next release of Dynamics CRM, you can download the brand-new release preview guide.

If you’re new to Dynamics CRM and want to learn more about what sets it apart from other customer relationship management solutions, please visit our website.

Which of the features I introduced in this blog post are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below.

By: Laura Heinbockel, Intelligent Technologies Inc., a North Carolina Dynamics CRM partner

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