Dynamics Signature with CRM Workflows

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In a previous post I presented the features of this smart application, Dynamics Signature.

In a well-organized company, it's common practice that all CRM Users have same structure of CRM Email Signature, otherwise each user will create their own signature with different content, contact details, and different size of company logo. This can be a nightmare for an IT manager to create a signature for every user. To make life easy, with Dynamics Signature you create your own email signature, storing images, like company logo, in public URL like DropBox. This way the image is not blocked and it is properly displayed on the recipient’s Email.

Email Signature can be sent with a workflow.  If you have a workflow and one of the steps is Send Email, replace this step with the following 2 steps:

  1. Create Email, similar to send email but it only creates the email but does not send it yet.
  2. Add Step and select Email Signature>Add Signature and Send. This step adds the signature at the end of the email created in step one above, base on the Properties settings as per this image:



Download Trial Version: www.DynamicsObjects.com


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