Are QSE (Quality Safety and Environment) Registers Integral to your Project Management Process?

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To simplify complex management systems and make them more effective, you should consider integrating quality, safety and environment (QSE) into your company’s main Project Management (PM) process. Here’s why:

A company’s core PM (Project Management ) process is indispensible for tracking and managing key phases of your project. A QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) process goes further in tracking and managing all things related to the quality, safety and environmental factors that must be considered with each project. Traditionally, these two management systems were kept separate. But was that a good idea? In the 1950s, Deming and Juran in Japan showed the importance of viewing both of these areas as fundamental to any project. Since then, QSE managers and PM managers have seen the benefit of working with a unified system.

When merging management systems, including QSE, here are some benefits you can expect:

A More Accurate Project Management (PM) Process for Determining Objectives and Clarifying Goals

Disparate management systems, each having its own quality, environmental and safety plans can lead to confusion, inefficiency and ultimately, failure of the project. Employees are less successful at collaborating without a simplified and consistent management system that sets out requirements and expectations for the entire team, or multiple teams working on one project.

With the establishment of clear goals and guidelines, integrated functions and justified roles, project managers  will be better able to reduce costs and increase profitability by eliminating work duplication and enhancing the productivity of their teams

A Project Management (PM) Process-Oriented System with More Focus on Auditing

Having QSE integrated with your main PM system will reduce time spent on documentation and will assist in ensuring that all of the requirements are being met. Integration will assure that data sources are up to date, in agreement and available in one place,  thus helping with timely analysis of data and having key information instantly available to decision makers.

QSE integration also will allow for project controls in the area of risk analysis and management associated with potential health and safety hazards and environmental vulnerability. You will be better positioned to prioritize tasks and allocate resources when implementing control measures.

Effective Communication Crucial to Successful Project Management

Making sure that your QSM works in unison with the core PM system requires cogent communication. Two elements fundamental to effective communication are people and platform. System failure is less likely with an integrated management system in which collaborating teams are able to communicate and work in harmony.

Hiring people who know their jobs and are willing to use enhancing PM tools and software can to a long way toward helping your company transition from disparate systems to one that is truly centralized and comprehensive.

. Be sure to choose a project management system that allows for:

  • real-time communication, site diaries and daily reports
  • automatic filing of emails and project documents
  • support for geographically-dispersed teams
  • online cloud integration and offline support
  • ability to use mobile devices to easily record information captured in the field


Insist on software that allows you to customize features and applications so that they work the way you work. Different teams on varying projects may require further customization.

IPM knows project management software and is experienced in customization in such areas as OHS procedures and governance. Companies using IPM can benefit from have a single solution that fits all of their needs because we incorporate the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with customizable workflows, dashboards and field labels.

For more information, contact IPM Global to discuss you project management needs.

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