A Simple Way to Track Billable Time in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Track Billable Time in Dynamics CRMNot every company wants to use a full project management system to track billable time.

Many just want a “quick and dirty”, yet reliable, way to track time within the systems they already use.

You can do that in Microsoft Dynamics CRM using the affordable AbleBridge Editable CRM Grid add on tool.

Billable Time

The first, and simplest, method would be to enter your activities in the grid format in Dynamics CRM. These activities can be assigned a category, grouped and summarized based on your needs.

Next to each activity you can check a box saying “This is billable time.”  This will show a running calculation of the time right in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Then each week you can export all of those activities that are billable into a report and prepare your invoices.

Or even better, you can set up an automated process that imports your billable time into your accounting/ERP system since most invoicing would most likely be done from there.

This can be done very quickly, because time spent “entering time” should not be an administrative activity that consumes you.

But you can also go a step further using the same tool.

Billable time plus project tracking

The second method, also using AbleBridge Editable CRM Grid, goes a step further for more project management tracking.

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can set up projects tasks associated with certain milestones. Then in the grid format when you enter time you can see how many hours you have budgeted for that task versus the actual time spent. And again, that time can be calculated, grouped and exported to use in project billing.

What is the next step?

Full project management

When you are ready for even more functionality, it is an easy move to the full AbleBridge Project Management system for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This allows you to keep track of budgets, timelines, actual vs. allocated time, expenses, status reports, resource planning and more. Although it is a full project management system, it is still simple to use. (See: Excel vs Microsoft Project vs Dynamics CRM – The Best Way to Track Projects)

To discuss your options for tracking billable time in Microsoft Dynamics CRM contact AbleBridge at 877-600-2253.

By AbleBridge, Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, www.ablebridge.com

Twitter: @AbleBridge


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