7 Reasons to Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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7 Reasons to Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Perhaps you are outgrowing your current CRM solution, or you're planning to implement a new CRM system that will help you achieve your growth targets.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a leading cloud application that is seeing tremendous growth with sustained double digit and even treble digit growth reported in its customer base each year.

Here are 7 examples that demonstrate why businesses are increasingly implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how it will benefit your organisation.

Connecting with your Customers

Connecting with customers means knowing more about clients than your competitors and then using this intelligence to deliver an unmatched service which inspires loyalty and builds profitable relationships.

But how can you do this if your customer data is held in various sources and none of them are linked?

How can you efficiently respond to customer requests and resolve service issues if you don't immediately have all the relationship detail you need in one place?

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online your processes and communications are connected to a single interface which empowers everyone to make personalized communications and improve customer connections.

By looking at a company account record is Microsoft Dynamics users can see:

  • Which products a customer has purchased
  • Details of existing contracts including the service level each client is entitled to receive and when these agreements expire
  • What service cases this customer has logged and any issues that remain unresolved
  • The value of active sales opportunities that are being worked on and what business has been closed on this account

From a contact record, a CRM user has easy visibility of:

  • Recent communications including meeting notes, recent emails and OneNote attachments
  • Details of active sales quotes
  • A list of the service requests made by this individual
  • As well as phone numbers and other contact points

Even more customer insight can be gained when Microsoft Dynamics is integrated with marketing automation solutions like Click Dimensions which brings completed feedback surveys and tracked email actions including recipient opens and clicks into Dynamics CRM.

With these customer insights covering sales, service, marketing and communications all accessible from a single, shared interface your data immediately gives you as a competitive advantage, one that will help you understand your customers and engage with them on their terms.

What impact would this connected interface have on your own organisation and how effectively you manage your customer relationships?

Reach Your Goals

To get the most out of any team you need everyone to follow consistent process that reflects your best practices and methodology.

New recruits might take several weeks or longer to master your processes while even experienced team members might run into problems if your processing rules aren't followed.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online gives teams prescriptive advice through guided processes. These drive everyone towards positive outcomes with recommended next steps while at the same time enforcing your rules and ensuring consistency.

CRM guided processes span several stages, each consisting of a series of steps that must be completed.

Using the example of a sales lead a Dynamics process will help users qualify prospects by prompting them to ask questions and collect the data that matters to this business. At each stage mandatory fields can be applied to ensure that all the required data is collected while stage gating enforces extra control to prevent users from progressing processes if previous stages haven't been completed.

By applying branching logic CRM users are directed to follow one of your defined process paths. Using the data that is entered CRM branching logic dynamically adapts on screen steps and the stages to channel each process through the correct route.

Through these role specific processes Microsoft Dynamics streamlines workflows by giving a clear view of where you are on each process to identify what needs to happen next and ultimately reach your goal.

Scale Your Business with Automated Workflows

The hidden cost of inefficient processes which involve time consuming, repetitive manual tasks is a frequent barrier to business growth.

Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and these can be replaced with automated workflows that help everyone get more done while also consuming fewer resources.

Using the example of customer service issues that are managed in CRM here are just a few examples that demonstrate how Microsoft Dynamics is helping businesses develop smarter processes through email automation.

  • Microsoft Dynamics can monitor an specific email inbox and automatically convert new messages into CRM support cases and then apply conditional rules to route these records to the correct team. As a result email requests are automatically logged in CRM so they can be promptly dealt with.
  • When a new support case is created CRM sends an automated email acknowledgement quoting the unique case reference which the customer can quote in any future communications about this request
  • Once issues are resolved CRM can send a final automated email which can even include a link to a survey requesting feedback about the customer's experience to understand what went well and what could be improved.
  • If issues remain unresolved automated emails can be triggered alerting individual users and senior managers that these items are at risk of breaching service level agreements

Further automation examples include updating the contents of CRM fields or scheduling activities when important events occur. In a marketing role this can include calculating a weighted lead score based on tracked email clicks, or automatically placing contacts who complete a satisfaction survey into a new marketing list.

Another marketing automation example using Click Dimensions enables multi-step nurture campaigns to be triggered, which sends a sequence of email messages and alerts you when people respond.

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics you can immediately replace duplication of effort throughout your organisation with smart workflows which increase productivity by reducing the reliance on repetitive manual intervention and creating a better experience for your customers and your team.

Manage Any Process or Relationship

How many systems do you currently rely on to manage all your processes?

An entry level CRM solution will help you manage contacts, customer accounts, sales opportunities and activities but what about all of the other business relationships and processes that matter to you?

In addition to offering many more pre-configured processes like service cases, products and marketing campaigns, Microsoft Dynamics CRM extends to manage custom entities so you can handle everything within a single interface which means there's no need to juggle your time between different applications.

To demonstrate the versatility of the application across a diverse selection of industries and requirements here some examples of CRM custom entities that our team have configured for clients.

  • Courses for training providers
  • Business Events for a digital marketing company
  • Projects for management consultancies
  • Student Applications for a college
  • Venues for a wedding management business
  • Subscriptions for a membership organisations
  • We've even configured CRM to help a hearing dogs charity manage their puppies!

With capacity to add several hundred bespoke entities you can be sure that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has both the flexibility and scalability to manage all of your processes that matter to you in a single interface.

Gaining Real-Time Business Insight

Often small and medium sized businesses lack the analysis tools that they need to easily report and gain insights from their data.

In your own business you might recall instances where poor decisions were taken with incomplete or inaccurate information...

By presenting all of your business data in a way that’s easy to understand, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online gives you the reporting insight that you need to make timely, informed decisions.

To really get a feel for the health of your business and your key processes, you need to be able to turn data into insights and then use this intelligence to make smarter and faster decisions.

CRM dashboards provide at-a-glance summary about your overall business and track progress against your key performance indicators. Each dashboard and individual component is personalized to fit your role and individual reporting preferences.

Because Microsoft Dynamics tracks virtually limitless relationships you can access dashboards that cover all of your processes from one single CRM application on-demand.

For example, a dashboard could feature these charts:

  • An analysis of recent case feedback responses
  • Graphs detailing which channels customers are using to log service issues
  • Measuring how a service team is meeting its Service Level Agreements
  • Sale pipeline summary reporting the value of opportunities at each sales stage

To foster increased team collaboration each dashboard can be shared with other CRM users.

For more interactive reporting and detailed analysis connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with Power BI to transform your data into rich visuals to identify trends, stay in the know and focus on what's important to you.

Other data sources can be connected to Power BI including Google Analytics and you can use natural language queries to find answers and take action.

Do Business Anywhere

Another example of how Microsoft Dynamics CRM improves productivity is how it enables everyone to get their work done on a mobile device in real-time.

Each CRM licence includes free mobile and tablet apps to access CRM whenever you need it so no longer will you need to call the office to check customer information or manually synchronise CRM updates.

Most CRM records and dashboards are immediately available via mobiles and tablets running iOS, Android and Windows so you can stay connected with your customers, sales and processes wherever you work, at any time.

This includes...

  • Keeping on top of your day by checking your daily activities
  • Monitoring the key metrics that you follow through CRM dashboards
  • Managing outstanding service issues and calling contacts directly from the mobile app
  • Checking the current status of your sales pipeline and progressing your active opportunities
  • Finding any CRM record and pinning important items to your mobile homepage

With Dynamics CRM Online you have a consistent and familiar experience across PC, laptop and your preferred mobile and tablet devices.

Connect CRM with Outlook

Another way in which Dynamics CRM delivers a familiar user experience is its integration with Microsoft Outlook.

If you are already using a CRM system you may have connected this to Outlook but here are two examples that set Dynamics CRM Online apart.

Firstly, this means you can save Outlook emails to any CRM record. As well as attaching to contact record emails can be saved to CRM opportunities, cases, projects and any other records where you need to store a complete communications history.

Once you've attached an email it means that all subsequent email replies and responses are be automatically attached to these matching records.

When emails are received from individuals who aren't already listed in Dynamics the Outlook message can be used to create a new CRM lead or contact record.

From each tracked Outlook message simply click the link to open the relevant record in Microsoft Dynamics.

The second advantage gained by connecting the familiar Outlook application with Microsoft Dynamics is the ability to access CRM functions, processes and records all from within the Outlook interface.

CRM for Outlook is another demonstration of how Microsoft Dynamics overcomes user adoption challenges by empowering everyone to leverage CRM through the applications and interfaces they already know.

Implement Dynamics CRM

These are just 7 examples...

To learn more and discover how Microsoft Dynamics CRM will directly benefit your organisation please get in touch.

As a Microsoft CRM gold partner with over 20 years of CRM implementation expertise we offer a wealth of knowledge to help you implement Microsoft Dynamics. This includes options for accelerated quick starts that will get you up and running with CRM in just a few days.

Through user training, bespoke database development, technical help and our support services we'll assist you at every step and help you leverage the best possible results from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

by Preact CRM - Microsoft Dynamics UK Gold Partner

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