4 Ways That Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Empowers Salespeople

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As consultants, we love speaking with our clients after implementation to see the positive impact that products have had on their business. One common detail we hear when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics CRM is how impactful this product is in empowering salespeople day to day. Here are just a few ways that Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help drive sales opportunities and empower salespeople within your company.

Bundle Products to Increase Sales: In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales managers can now create bundled product groups by putting related products together in groupings. By having the ability to bundle products you can now create new and improved purchase incentives and discounts resulting in higher sales and a better value for the customer.

Personalized Territory Lists: Managers can tailor prices and products based on territories and segments. A salesperson assigned to a territory in any region can now easily see the best products for a particular customer segment and geographical region.

Specific Product Catalogs: Product catalogs can be created and customized based on specific regions, catering to customers in a way that best suits them. For example, with new localization tools, product attributes and metadata can be exported into your customers desired language. This will increase sales by making the customer feel comfortable at all times.

Increase Sales Easily: With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, cross-selling and up-selling has never been easier. Products are recommended to salespeople, and suggestions for accessories and substitutes are always readily available.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 empowers your sales organization while also creating value for your customers. We love hearing about the positive impact that this product has on our clients and we look forward to providing this value to as many organizations as possible. For more questions regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 or CRM implementation contact Logan Consulting, your Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner.

by Logan Consulting

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