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One of the keys to great price proposal is providing options to your client. If you only give them one, they will perceive your proposal as a take it or leave it option. However, providing them options shifts the question from “do I purchase or not” to “do I purchase option 1 or option 2”

To create one proposal with, let’s say, three options, you need to create a new Opportunity record with 3 different Quote records. The issue is that Dynamics CRM does not provide an easy way to print the opportunity and merge it with the three different quotes as one proposal.

With Dynamics Docs we can include a report within a report. The main report is based on the Opportunity record and it merges fields related to the customer and the purpose / objective of the price proposal. At any location on the Opportunity report we can insert a quote report. The Quote report loops through all the quotes linked to the Opportunity record and displays each such quote with all the products / services, quantity, price, discount, freight and similar details of the quote option.

To view the PDF price quotation created with Dynamics Docs – Opportunity_Optional_Quotes.PDF

To download a trial version of Dynamics Docs and Docs Templates – Click Here...


Quote Sub Report (MS Word template)



Proposal Report (MS Word Template





The final product is a PDF attached to Email or saved to Note

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