Infographic - Six Strategic Advantages of Mobile CRM

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If your company has not yet mobilized its sales force, you could be missing out on increased profits and growth. Even if you already have mobility, you still may be missing out if you are not using mobile CRM. Adding mobile access to your customer relations management can help increase sales by 25% or more.

Mobile CRM empowers the sales team by helping them increase sales. How does it do that? Take a look at this infographic for six strategic ways:




Here are three specific ways:

Access to Information

One way is by giving mobile employees access to customer and product information, including current pricing and promotions. This gives customers more options, making it easier for the team to sell add-ons and close sales, and it helps speed customer buying decisions.

Shorter Billing Cycles

Billing delays after delivery of a service can erode profits, but they can be avoided by using mobile CRM. Shortening that billing gap by even 3 days has increased cash flow by almost 10% or more. That’s money that could be working for your company.

Accurate Data Entry

Errors caused by re-keying data are another profit loser that mobile CRM can reduce. If you equip your mobile workforce with tablets, smart phones or laptops (devices that are predicted to increase productivity by as much as 91% in the next 2 years), employees can input their information directly into the company database without having to rekey it later at the office.

According to one source, up to 76% of sales teams meet their sales goals if the company supports their mobile activity, whereas only 53% do so with no support.

So in order to realize these benefits though, your company needs to fully support your mobile teams, giving them the best device and data for their needs. When 89% of business executives directly relate mobility to the success of their companies over the next three years, it’s time to get serious about having a well-equipped mobile task force. You can—with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

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By AbleBridge, Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner,

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  1. Mobile phones now have become an essential tool for increasing sales by some good amount of percentage as stated here or more than that.
    If you add your mobile access to the customer relations management that can help increase sales.

    Infographic is good to notice all the handy strategies to put in action in order to increase sales and improve the insight along with other strategies.

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