Driving Productivity through Dynamics CRM Online

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Most businesses today recognize the significance of CRM software to achieve marketing, sales and service excellence. Shifts in customer attitudes and a dynamic operating environment have compelled organizations to invest in CRM software to deepen their understanding of customers and engage with them more meaningfully. Implementing and using CRM software enables enterprises to benefit in a number of ways: improve business efficiency, enhance collaboration between sales and marketing and augment relationships with customers.

While automation and analytical tools are enabling sales and other customer-facing employees to make the most of CRM, there is a whole new avenue of cloud computing delivery models that are transforming the CRM space. According to the Gartner CRM Vendor Guide 2015, SaaS or cloud-based deployments represent more than 40% of all CRM deployments, and they appear set to reach 50% during 2016.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online takes productivity to a whole new level, empowering organizations to engage more effectively with their customers. Delivered over the Internet, it helps organizations run flexible and cost-effective activities to meet their unique needs. Through the cloud delivery model, organizations can scale up or down and pay for what they use, aligning utilization with dynamic business requirements. Microsoft O365 together with Dynamics CRM Online enables sales teams to stay highly connected and collaborative. It provides a gamut of capabilities for marketing, sales, and customer-care executives to work together and deliver relevant and customized experiences throughout the sales cycle.

  1. Easy to Use: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online provides business professionals unified access to customer information and insight through a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use marketing, sales, and customer service interfaces. The familiar Office experience reduces the time required for training users, ensuring rapid adoption of the software and faster realization of business results.
  2. Streamline Business Processes: Business users can quickly design workflows to standardize and streamline their business activities, enabling consistent execution of marketing and sales processes. By turning customer data into actionable insight, organizations can create reports that help in quick identification and resolution of issues.
  3. Connect with Customers Anytime, Anywhere: As a cloud-based CRM service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online gives sales professionals anytime access to customers. Mobile specific features ensure elevated productivity on the go, providing real-time insights into sales forecasts and quick access to customer reports on hand-held devices. Additionally, sales professionals can also connect with partners and vendors in a trusted environment and gain access to a comprehensive set of on-demand solutions.
  4. Maximize Marketing Investment: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a flexible platform allowing organizations to easily upgrade and extend to new business groups, regions and lines of business. They provide business professionals insightful data management tools, intuitive marketing analytics and powerful campaign management features that accelerate the success of marketing programs. They aid businesses in effectively planning and launching marketing campaigns and successfully tracking key performance indicators, eliminating marketing inefficiencies.
  5. Optimize Online Campaigns: Marketing professionals can seamlessly create, manage, and boost Internet-based marketing campaigns and search engine optimization techniques to maximize revenue opportunities. With intuitive wizards and automation tools, organizations can evaluate the performance of their marketing efforts and re-strategize in order to have quality advertising experiences and make the most of their online efforts.
  6. Improve Sales Process: As cloud-based CRM applications are easy to provision and consume, they provide fast and anytime access to customer data. Marketing professionals can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time selling, shortening the sales cycle and improving the close rates. Innovative tools and workflows streamline and automate the sales process, giving professionals a single and comprehensive view of customerS across devices.
  7. Enhance Customer Service: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online provides a comprehensive view of where the customer is in the purchase lifecycle, allowing enterprises to completely customize and personalize service to meet the distinct needs of customers. Various customer service tools enable marketing professionals to deliver consistent and efficient service that enhances customer loyalty and increases profitability. Cloud-based CRM solutions allow organizations to extend and enhance the functionality to improve business insight and better align with the ever changing business environment.
  8. Anytime Access to Data: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online provides marketing professionals access to data when and where it is needed and in the right form, driving user efficiency and productivity. Quick and relevant access to information enables organizations to make swifter, data-driven decisions, allowing them to meet their business goals in short time frames.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a flexible and affordable CRM solution that equips business professionals with anytime access to customer information, driving consistent and measurable improvements throughout the sales cycle. It leverages the benefits that cloud based architecture brings to the CRM application space, enabling quick deployment of applications for effective customer management. By automating processes related to lead management, servicing existing orders and coordinating marketing activity, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online drives productivity and facilitates organizations to have superior customer interactions and deliver enhanced customer service.

by Indusa

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