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Do you still believe the old saw that a messy desk is a sign of productivity? Maybe it’s time to rethink that outdated concept and clean up that workspace once and for all. In times past, a cluttered workspace may have been unavoidable.  Architects and engineers alone with their slide rules, drafting tools and mountains of paper could easily host a messy desk convention. Think of all the tools of many trades that have been replaced by smartphones, tablets and laptop or desktop computers. Computer aided drawings, computation software and well-defined file systems have streamlined many processes, but not everyone has kept up with this trend.

So, what are the drawbacks to a messy desk?

Have you ever spent time searching among lists, and sticky notes and scraps of paper for an important document or phone number  that you just know is “somewhere” on your desk? Maybe it only took a moment, but maybe it took a precious moment when your employer or a client or a collaborator was anxiously waiting for a vital piece of information. And perhaps it took longer or was not found at all. Frustrating, right?

Maybe you have relegated much of your information to your computer or tablet, but you might still have a messy desktop screen. Is your screen cluttered with files within files slowing down  your computer and causing networking issues?

What if you are not the only one working on a project and what if your colleagues or collaborators have the same messy desk syndrome? What if the project involves multiple locations and even languages? Can you see how the chaos multiplies? There is more than just frustration involved. Environments like that can lead to confusion, missed deadlines, employer rage and lost revenue. When a project runs behind because of issues that could have been prevented, someone is bound to be called on the carpet.

The solution?  What you need is a system that will organize, manage and delegate tasks and facilitate collaboration. It should be available anywhere, anytime from any device. The system should be backed up routinely, safely and off-site. It should be intuitive, user focused and versatile.

So where do you get a system like that? Glad you asked.  IPM Global is a world leader in project management software for professionals in the construction and engineering industry. We operate worldwide to provide project management systems to meet the specialized needs of your company.

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Let us help you clean up that messy desk.
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